India’s Best 5 Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow

India's Best 5 Fitness Youtubers you Should Follow

YouTube is rapidly growing from last 2 years & all credit goes to Jio. With over 16 creators hitting the one million subscriber mark in the different niche. In India, approx 200 million users per month are active on mobile alone.

India is in the top 10 List of the total user base in the World. According to Ajay Vidyasagar regional director of Google Asia Pacific, “we are looking forward to more than double user base in upcoming 2 to 3 years”.

Here in this blog, we are talking about India’s Best 5 Fitness Youtubers:

1> Guru Mann:

Guru mannguru mann pic

Guru Mann is a popular fat loss and Muscle building expert from San Francisco, California. He is a certified fitness trainer and Nutrition specialist & also started his own Nutrition brand named “GM Nutrition”. Currently, he is running two YouTube channels, i.e. Guru Mann Fitness (Collaborated with T-series) and Health and Fitness. He started “Mission India Fit” to make every citizen of India’s fit and healthy.

Youtube Channel:


        Health and Fitness:

Joined:  7-Oct-13
Subscribers:  1.49 Million (As of Jan 2019)
Total Views:  156,237,567 (As of Jan 2019)

       Guru Mann Fitness:

Joined: 4-Dec-15
Subscribers:  1.5 Million (As of Jan 2019)
Total Views: 103,162,661 (As of Jan 2019)


2> Jeet Selal:

jeet selaljeet selal pic

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer, a sports nutrition expert from Australia who helping people to achieve their fitness goals through his YouTube channel i.e. Jeet Selal Aesthetics. He started mission “Drug-free India” with an objective to aware every Indian citizen to work against drugs.

Youtube Channel:


        Jeet Selal Aesthetics

Joined: 24-Jan-16
Subscribers:  1.5 Million+ (As of Jan 2019)
Total Views: 84,009,670 (As of Jan 2019)


3> Gaurav Taneja

gaurav taneja picgaurav taneja

He is a Professional Bodybuilder, certified nutritionist and Aviator from Delhi, India. Through his YouTube videos, he spread the knowledge related to diet, Fat loss, Supplements, Exercises.

Youtube Channel:


        FitMuscle TV         

Joined: 30-Nov-16
Subscribers:  9.4 Lakh (As of Jan 2019)
Total Views: 68,543,339 (As of Jan 2019)


4> Abhinav Mahajan

abhinav mahajanabhinav mahajan pic

He is an ISSA Internationally Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrionalist. He also represented Indian Internationally as a Fitness Model for 3 years. He also provides online personal training Internationally with customized diets and workout plans.

Youtube Channel:


      Abhinav Mahajan

Joined: 16-Sep-15
Subscribers:  9.9 Lakh (As of Jan 2019)
Total Views: 45,120,082 (As of Jan 2019)


5> Tarun Gill

tarun gill pictarun gill

He is a certified fitness trainer & the Founder of India’s biggest fitness TV Reality show “Fitness League of India”. He covered many interviews of fitness models, bodybuilders on his YouTube channel i.e. Traun Gill. He is also co-owner of a food supplement company named “Tarun Gill Fitness”.

Youtube Channel:


      Tarun Gill

Joined: 30-Jul-15
Subscribers:  6.9 Lakh (As of Jan 2019)
Total Views: 88,549,538 (As of Jan 2019)

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