Top Gaming YouTubers in India 2023

Top Gaming YouTubers in India 2023

The gaming industry in India is growing very fast. Due to the increasing number of mobile and internet, a lot of the young population are showing their interest in the gaming industry. According to a report by KPMG and Google, the Indian market is expected to reach $5 billion by 2025. Mobile gaming continues to dominate most of the market, with interest also growing in PC and console gaming. The Government of India is also giving its full support to this industry and announcing measures like tax breaks for game developers.

Apart from the boom in the mobile gaming market, the online gaming industry in India has also seen a lot of growth. Online multiplayer games and esports have become especially popular in recent years. The growing number of professional gamers and esports in India has also attracted the attention of foreign investors.

The Indian gaming industry is also expected to generate employment opportunities in the areas of animation and design.

Overall, the Indian gaming industry is expected to grow very rapidly in the future.

If talk about a few years, gaming in India has become a tremendous jump in YouTube channels. These channels usually include gameplay videos, gaming reviews as well as live streaming and other gaming-related content.

Many big gaming YouTubers in India are also very active on other social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. There are many gaming YouTubers in India who are sitting with millions of subscribers and earn a lot of money through google Adsense and sponsored ads. There are also some channels that provide an online platform for gaming YouTubers where they can showcase their skills in tournaments.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 gaming YouTubers in India

10 Best Gaming YouTubers in India 2023

10> Dynamo Gaming

Joining Date:21 July 2010
Total Subscribers:10M
Total Views:1,17,54,69,496
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

“Dynamo Gaming” is a very famous Indian gaming channel run by Aaditya Sawant. As of January 2023, he has more than 10 million subscribers on his channel. He was born on Tuesday 03 June 1997 in Mumbai.

He launched his YouTube gaming channel ‘Dynamo Gaming’ in 2010. Initially, he uploaded gaming videos such as Battlefield, GTA, and Apex. In the early years of his YouTube account, he barely had 100 subscribers. After PubG was launched in India, he began to gain more subscribers to his channel.

When PubG mobile was released in India in 2017, his fame increased. His tag lines, Patt Se Headshot and Baap Se Panga Nahi Lete Bete became highly popular while live-streaming the PubG game. He owns a clan called Hydra Clan.

During an interview, he revealed that he grew up watching the TV show ‘Dynamo Magician,’ which inspired the name of his YouTube channel. In an interview, he said that he learned PubG methods from watching gameplay videos of prominent PubG player Shroud.

09> CarryisLive

Joining Date:09 January 2017
Total Subscribers:11.6M
Total Views:1,45,09,37,611
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

CarryMinati, Ajey Nagar, is an Indian YouTuber and streamer from Faridabad, India. On his channel CarryMinati, he is known for his roasting videos, comedy sketches, and replies to various online topics.

CarryisLive is his second channel, which focuses on gaming and live streaming. He is India’s most subscribed non-corporate YouTuber and the first to reach 30 million subscribers.

The CarryisLive channel was set up with the goal of streaming the game PUBG. However, the channel gradually began to focus on a wide range of games. He occasionally gives chat shoutouts and accepts super-chat donations. This channel has been used for a number of fundraising activities.

Ajey was inspired by the YouTube channel “Leafyishere,” which posted gameplay roast videos and used a similar style in his own video.

08> Two Side Gamers

Joining Date:19 September 2018
Total Subscribers:11.8M
Total Views:2,06,99,46,333
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka, two cousins, launch India’s first pair gaming channel, “Two Side Gamers“. It is also the first Indian channel to broadcast Garena’s free-for-all action live.

The two side gamers represented India at the eSports free fire Champions cup competition organized by Garena free fire Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia, in August 2019. The following year, they repeated the pattern in Thailand.

Ritik and Jash spent a while playing PUBG. However, after the release of Free Fire, two Indian gaming YouTubers chose to concentrate their streams on the game.

Aside from “TWO SIDE GAMERS,” the cousins have other YouTube channels, most of which are inactive.

07> Mythpat

Joining Date:30 July 2018
Total Subscribers:13M
Total Views:2,80,40,98,713
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

Mithilesh Patankar, a Mumbai-based YouTuber known as Mythpat, began his career by creating educational cameo videos with PUBG and GTA 5. He is a well-known character in the gaming world, and his videos have attracted millions of people around the country.

He’s also collaborated with industry titans like Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam, Tanmay Bhat, CarryMinati, and others.

He started his YouTube channel in 2018 and currently has more than 13 million subscribers (As of Jan 2023) on his channel.

His most popular videos include the Funniest TikToks Ever, The Ultimate GTA 5 Challenge, 10 Billion Dirham Setup Tour, and more.

06> Desi Gamers

Joining Date:11 May 2015
Total Subscribers:13.4M
Total Views:2,03,34,23,651
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

Amit Sharma, better known as Amitbhai, is a West Bengal-based Indian YouTuber who created the channels ‘Desi Gamers’ and ‘Desi Army.’ His main channel “Desi Gamers” has more than 13 million subscribers.

He’s also collaborated with Ajjubhai94, SRV-X-Mania, Jonty Gaming, Romeo Gamer, TE-Pahadi, TG-Dada, Munna Bhai, and a slew of other YouTubers. Amit had nothing to do after completing his graduation. Then Amit Sharma considered starting a YouTube channel. In 2015, he launched his YouTube channel. In the beginning, Amit used to upload copied content of other creators.

The video that gained attention was titled Only MP40 Challenge! Free Fire Hindi. In 2019, he launched his second channel, Desi Army. He uploaded videos on gaming and esports to this channel. Amit also manages the YouTube channels Desi Gamers Esports, Amit Sharma, and DG Shorts.

05> Gyan Gaming

Joining Date:01 September 2017
Total Subscribers:14.5M
Total Views:2,17,34,02,656
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

Ankit Sujan, aka Gyan Gaming, is one of YouTube’s top Indian gamers. He was born in Kolkata, West Bengal. Gyan Gaming has more than 14 million subscribers. He has a significant YouTube following, where he posts highlights from his streams as well as advice and ideas for players wishing to better their PUBG Mobile skills. Ankit maintains an Instagram account where he talks about gaming, lifestyle, and travel.

04> Lokesh Gamer

Joining Date:16 November 2017
Total Subscribers:15.4M
Total Views:1,59,34,82,444
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

Lokesh Raj Singh is a well-known gaming YouTuber. He was born in Hyderabad, Telangana. Lokesh Gamer is his YouTube channel. He shared the Garena Free Fire videos. Lokesh’s debut video was uploaded in 2019.

People call him “Diamond King”. He also used to provide amusing events and game highlights. There are more than 15 million subscribers (As of Jan 2023) on his channel. The second channel, LR7 Gaming, has approximately 1.15 million subscribers. He also has five additional YouTube channels.

03> AS Gaming

Joining Date:26 October 2016
Total Subscribers:19.3M
Total Views:2,71,48,29,762
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

Sahil Rana is the owner of AS Gaming. He is one of the most popular Indian YouTube gamers. He was born on April 20, 2004, in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. AS Gaming, his gaming YouTube channel, has more than 19 million subscribers (As of Jan 2023). He began his YouTube account in 2016. AS gaming has four silver, two diamond, and two golden play buttons. Sahil Rana also has a second channel named A_S Army, where he has got over 7M subscribers.

02> Techno Gamerz

Joining Date:13 August 2017
Total Subscribers:31.3M
Total Views:8,45,62,48,844
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

“Techno Gamers” is a very famous Indian gaming channel run by Ujjwal Chaurasia. The channel was started in 2017 and since then has more than 31 million subscribers till January 2023. The channel primarily features content related to the popular mobile game Free Fire but also includes videos on other games such as PUBG Mobile.

In “Techno Gamers” you will find live streaming as well as very interesting comedy commentary by Ujjwal Chaurasia. He is also very active on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and also runs a merchandise store.

01> Total Gaming

Joining Date:09 October 2018
Total Subscribers:34.4M
Total Views:5,30,42,62,457
* Data as on 25 Jan 2023

“Total Gaming” is the online identity of Ajju Bhai, an Indian gaming YouTuber. He is one of India’s most successful gaming YouTubers, most known for his content on the popular mobile game Free Fire.

He launched his channel in 2018 and has since grown to have over 34 million subscribers as of January 2023. He also broadcasts his gameplay on other sites like Twitch. He became well-known for his in-game abilities and tactics, as well as his entertaining commentary and sense of humour.

On his channel, he also gives tips, tactics, and lessons to help beginners to improve their gameplay.


Finally, the Indian gaming community is expanding rapidly and has produced a number of outstanding gaming YouTubers. From Mortal’s entertaining and informative content to Carry Minati’s funny and relatable commentary, these top gaming YouTubers have something for every sort of gamer. They not only have a devoted fan base, but they have also helped to promote gaming culture in India.

We should expect to see even more skilled people rise to the top in the gaming YouTubers area as the gaming industry evolves and expands. These YouTubers are not only entertaining, but they also act as role models for the next generation of gamers and video creators.