Do you know about these popular Tik Tok stars?

Well, those days are gone when only the Bollywood celebrities were praised in India. We live in an era of digitization and with the presence of Tik Tok, the entire face of celebrities has changed. Right now, there are hundreds of Tik Tok stars that are flaunting their style and earning millions.

Coming back to the Tik Tok stars, Mr. Faisu is leading the charge where he has achieved 23 million followers. Well, that’s a staggering number where he is climbing the ladder of fame and success.

However, there are tons of Tik Tok stars other than Mr. Faisu which you will get to know in this article.

Come along as we unwrap the names of the top Tik Tok stars of the 21st century.

Top Tik Tok Stars of the Year 2020

1> Mr. Faisu

faisu 007 picsMr-Faisu images

Without a doubt, whenever the name of Tik Tok comes, Mr. Faisu has to be at the list. He holds a massive fan following whereas his real name is Shaikh Mudassir Faisal. Speaking about his followers on Tik Tok, he has gained 23 million followers that is the most by any Tik Tok star.

Apart from Tik Tok, he has got his followers on Instagram as well whereas the number is close to 10 million. Well, he has appeared in some albums as well and from a glance, his career and future look a lot more secure and vibrant.

2> Riyaz Afreen

Riyaz Afreen imagesRiyaz Afreen pics

Having massive 29 million followers (As of Feb 2020) on Tik Tok, Riyaz Afreen has truly reached the heights of success and glory. Indeed, he is a young lad but with his outstanding Tik Tok videos, he has truly become the Tik Tok sensation.

On Tik Tok, he is quite popular for his humor, lip-syncs and along with his dancing skills, he has made girls fall in love with him.

Right from a comedian to the most loved Tik Tok stars, the journey of Riyaz Afreen has been nothing less than the exception.

3> Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar picsAwez Darbar images

Well, we are speaking about the director and the founder of the company Ace Production, Awez Darbar has got 22.5 million followers (As of Feb 2020) on Tik Tok. Apart from that, his fan base is spread across Instagram too where he holds 3 m+ followers.

The Tik Tok uploads one of the most quality videos on Tik Tok whereas he has also got his very own YouTube Channel.

Apart from Tik Tok, he loves dancing where he uploads his dance videos on the YouTube Channel.

Well, with such talent and enthusiasm, there is a doubt so as to why Awez Darbar became the Tik Tok sensation.

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4> Nisha Guragain

Nisha Guragain picsNisha Guragain images

Mostly for her acting and lip-syncing, Nisha Guragain becomes one of the most loved Tik Tok stars. Currently, she has got a massive following of 22 million (As of Feb 2020) whereas she has kept Angel Nishu as her nickname.

Well, the fans have loved her videos to the core from where she rose to fame and is currently enjoying the same.

5> Garima Chaurasia

Garima Chaurasia picsGarima Chaurasia images

Also known as Gima Ashi, Garima Chaurasia became famous from her video “Boht Hard” song. The song went extremely viral on social media whereas she came into the limelight right after such an amazing performance.

Currently, Garima has got 18 million followers (As of Feb 2020) on her Tik Tok account where she has made plenty of group Tik Tok videos too.

Even her friend Rugees Vini has made some quality Tik Tok videos and has become pretty much famous too.

Final Word of Mouth

Summing up the entire article, hope you have known the best Tik Tok Stars that are enjoying success and fame. Indeed, lakhs of people are on Tik Tok from where only a few of them actually become famous.

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