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Oleg Zhokh Aka “The Ukranian Mutant”, was the youngest person to ever win a world title in the 70kg left-hand weight class. Oleg Zhokh is also known for his massive left arm, which is caused by a congenital disability known as congenital hypertrophy.

He won the world title eight times and competed against some of the sport’s biggest names, including Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov. Let’s check out Oleg Zhokh Wiki, Age, Height, Forearm Size, Career, Family, Girlfriend, Biography & More.

Oleg Zhokh Wiki/Bio:

Real Name:Zhokh Oleg Sergeevich
Nick Name:Oleg Zhokh
Date of Birth:13 October 1992
Birthplace:Ozhenyn Village, Ukraine
Profession:Arm Wrestler

Oleg Zhokh Age, Height, Weight:

Age:31 Years (As of 2023)
Weight:78 Kg

Oleg Zhokh Forearm Size:

43 cm

Oleg Zhokh Career:

Oleg Zhokh began his arm-wrestling career in 2009 when he enrolled at his university. He competed with his right hand in his first tournament, where he suffered his first defeat. Moving forward, he decided to train his left hand, which had been medically diagnosed as a “failure of all functions,” and in 2010, he won his first international tournament at the Nemiroff world cup.

Later, in 2012, Oleg Zhokh competed in the A1 Russian tournament, finishing eighth in the open weight division category.

Oleg Zhokh was truly inspirational after winning world titles in his division, defeating world champions, and competing in various international-level competitions. With his deformed hand, Oleg Zhokh had won eight world titles by 2018.

In 2018, Oleg was involved in a tragic car accident that killed his father and his friend Andriy Pushkar.

Zokh was severely injured and distraught as a result of the tragedy. He suffered a severe fracture in his left hand, multiple internal injuries, and brain damage as a result of the accident.

He would return to arm wrestling in 2021 at the world championship event that year. Zhokh would compete in the 80kg division.

As Zhokh cleared out his division, it was a classic Ukrainian Mutant performance. For the ninth time in his career, he has won the World Championship.

Oleg Zhokh Family:

Father:Don’t have Info
Mother:Don’t have Info

Oleg Zhokh Girlfriend:

Don’t have Info